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January 24, 2023

Well, as the saying goes, "Life is what happens when you've made other plans..."

I had planned to resume treatments at AHI Integrative in Bloomington but decided that it wasn't a good fit for me and I also felt a lot of pressure to quickly find a new location upon the closure of The Marsh on December 31st, 2022.

So, I am working on the next phase of my career and will post updates here as soon as I can. If you need to reach me, please call 952-922-2141.

If you are in the Twin Cities and seeking acupuncture care for vision, you can schedule with Cassandra Rose, L.Ac. (click name for weblink)

It's been a frustrating time and I appreciate your continued patience and trust in my services and I hope to see you soon.

Until then, be well,
Mats Sexton, L.Ac.

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