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January 29, 2020

HEJ! I am getting settled in here in Stockholm and trying to get the "eye" work going full speed ahead. What I'm learning and realizing is that Sweden is a ways behind the USA in terms of use and acceptance of acupuncture. It feels a lot like when I graduated in 2000. So, things are taking time and my language skills are building as are my relationships with other health care professionals.

My clinic is opening a new location in Istanbul this summer so I will be traveling there to help train staff. I'm also hoping to teach in Ireland and translate my courses into Swedish. By fall I hope to travel and teach more extensively in Europe. No specific plans yet to travel back to the states and teach unless a school would request me...ask your school and I'll eagerly come teach!

So happy to have taught so many people how to do this work! I love hearing back and enjoy giving advice and feedback.

Onwards! Mats

WANTED: Acupuncturists who want to change people's lives by preserving and restoring their vision!

With this intensive Chinese Medicine Ophthalmology course, you will learn to do just that.


WHAT:  This is an information packed, highly interactive (lots of needling practice), and fun course! Lots of new content added. My motto for the class is "Learn It, Know It, Use It." No franchise fees, no BS! Practitioners will be able to return to their clinics Monday and put these techniques to use.



CONTENT: Eye anatomy & physiology with live cow eye dissection (by Mats); Western and Eastern comparison of retinal diseases and pathologies; Zang/Fu relationships to vision; learn to test vision for pre- and post-treatment comparison; learn AcuNova and Micro-Acupuncture as well as ear and scalp points; strategies of dry mouth/dry eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, Stargardt's, Retinitis Pigmentosa; herbs; supplements; business plans and more! Gain from Mats' 16 years of clinical experience in treating eye disease.

WHO: Especially for L.Ac.s who want to make the growing field of TCM Ophthalmology a major part of their practice.

WHEN/WHERE: Europe...working on Ireland, Istanbul...summer 2020

WHY: With the aging Baby Boomer population and the rise in phone/computer screen use, there is a HUGE NEED for retina care as up to 10 million people are affected by retinal disease. Western medicine has very little to offer so we L.Ac.s are the solution!


What L.Ac.s are saying about the class...


“Thank you to Mats for sharing so much information to improve our treatments and help patients improve their sight. Mats is one of those practitioners that you meet and never want to stop learning from. He is a teacher and provider that is intelligent, humorous and kind. He is able to teach directly to everyone in the class, making each student feel equally important regardless of background or understanding. I look forward to learning from him at my next chance!” -Holly Battrum, Dipl. OM, L.Ac.

“I appreciate your generosity of spirit, your calm demeanor and fun approach. I am grateful for your willingness to share protocols that I had wanted to learn for a long time.” -Ayudin Bengisu, L.Ac.

“Mats is an awesome teacher-clear and to the point, funny, relatable, sensitive and answers questions well. I learned so much in such a short time and will definitely be first in line for any future seminars he offers.” -Claire Mallory, L.Ac.

“I just wanted to express my thanks. I really enjoyed the course, you’re a real pleasure to study under and I’m really looking forward to putting this into practice. My sincerest gratitude for all you taught me this weekend!” -Adam Thompson, L.Ac.

“I attended Mats’s seminar in 2017 and it was great! Mats is an amazing person who cares to ‘make sure you’re getting it.’ We had lots of hands-on, personal stories, and effective no-BS time wasting like so many other seminars. This was all meat and potatoes stuff that I am using immediately back at my clinic. He is very smart, experienced and talks and acts like a true leader. I must say I was super impressed with the whole weekend.” -Brad Whisnant, L.Ac.


Teaching how to test vision.